Infiniti Collision Repair

When your INFINITI vehicle is in need of autobody repairs, call the experts at Holschuh Collision Center!

Our technicians are tested annually to ensure we are using the recommended tools, equipment and repair protocol from the INFINITI manufacturer.  The parts on INFINITI vehicles are engineered to the fit and function of your car which is why we prioritize the use of Genuine INFINITI parts during your repair process. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty and a clean, professional atmosphere. Newer models are equipped with advanced driver safety features that need recalibrated after an accident. Our technicians have been trained to find the damage further than what the eye can see. We also value our customers’ feedback so that we can constantly continue to improve our services. We know how stressful accidents are and we are committed to helping make collision repair a painless process!

  • We want to protect the pre-collision safety and value of your vehicle.

  • We prioritize genuine parts that are original to the equipment manufacturer (OEM).

  • Genuine INFINITI parts maintain the original appearance of your vehicle

    • Genuine INFINITI parts are also meant to fit your vehicle which could reduce installation time.

  • We offer a limited lifetime warranty backed by INFINITI.

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